Geoff with students at  Deerfield High School  after the premiere of " Cosmic " - a chamber work composed during his 2009 residency.

Geoff with students at Deerfield High School after the premiere of "Cosmic" - a chamber work composed during his 2009 residency.

As artist-in-residence, my primary focus is on getting students motivated and excited about the many creative and diverse things they can do with music. I aim to reach students both enrolled in the school’s music programs as well as those who are not. I hope to inspire students from all ends of the spectrum by sharing my experience as a professional composer, sound designer, producer and multi-instrumentalist in addition to covering broader topics such as music technology, recording, and contemporary music practices not offered in traditional school music programs.


I work as both a clinician and teacher, can sit in on classes such as Concert Band, Jazz Band and Music Theory, can make myself available for one-on-one interaction with students as follow-ups to topics I cover and can participate in various after-school activities and concerts.



These are some examples of topics I can cover as a clinician:

  • Creating a pop/rock song as a multi-instrumentalist using Garageband or Logic software

  • Working as a sound designer and creating sound effects

  • Working as a composer and using Finale notation software

  • Live performance techniques, playing in a band, and promoting your music online

  • Home recording on a budget and music technology suggestions using student ensembles as performing examples to record

  • Working as a film composer using real film projects as examples


Several clinics can be given more than once to reach as many students as possible. I am comfortable with large groups in an auditorium setting or small groups in a classroom environment. I also have variations on each core topics when repeating clinic sessions. For example, showing how to create a pop/rock song in Garageband software working only with loops the first time, then as a multi-instrumentalist the next, then combining both and/or creating a different song in a different style all together. Everything is highly interactive and can be adjusted to cater to each group's varied interests and abilities.


This is a summary of my skills that I can put to specific use: 

  • Composing – classical, jazz & contemporary styles (produced or notated)

  • Conducting – concert band, orchestra, or jazz band

  • Performing – bass, guitar & piano

  • Teaching – as a clinician or privately, anything from theory to performance

  • Recording – as an engineer & producer

  • Sound Designing – recording live sounds with manipulation, layering, etc.

Commissions / Clinics / Guest Artist Positions:

2004 - University Of Chicago (composed 3-minute piece for Wind Ensemble commemorating centennial anniversary of Mandel Hall, commissioned by Wayne Gordon)
2005 - Deerfield High School (composed complex 5-minute piece for Senior Wind Ensemble commissioned by Daniel Brame)
2006 - Wood Oaks Jr. High School (arranged school fight song for marching band)
2007 - Oak Park/River Forest High School / Northbrook School District 27 / Deerfield High School (clinician / performer - Apple Garageband demos)
2009 - Deerfield High School (Artist-In-Residence position, serving as clinician, performer, lecturer, private instructor, composer and conductor)
2009 - Highland Park High School (Focus On The Arts '09 clinician and performer)
2013 - Highland Park High School (Focus On The Arts '13 performer) 
2014 - Glencoe Middle School (composed 5-minute piece for Jazz Band commemorating music department's NAMM Award, commissioned by Kristen Hanna) 
2015 - Caruso Jr. High School (composed a piece for concert band commissioned by Toni Slepak)