Geoff Shell,  Director of Music

Geoff Shell, Director of Music

When it comes to music and audio, I'm your one stop shop from concept to final product. I've been working passionately and professionally as a composer, producer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and music educator for over ten years in just about every music department with confidence. I offer countless creative services across the music spectrum and am based in Evanston, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

I have played bass for PolarcodeChicago Afrobeat Project, Josh Nelson Project and Handler. I've appeared on ABC’s Windy City Live as a music expert, published music licensed by TNT, MTV2 and E! Television networks, composed original music for feature & short films including an official Sundance Festival entry, composed numerous concert works for school band programs, co-produced music used by the Chicago Tribune in a pro-literacy flashmob event and have performed & recorded with master drummer/co-founder of the afrobeat genre of music, Tony Allen. I'm also a passionate music educator who has mentored dozens of kids, teenagers & adults on developing and improving their overall music skills through instrumental lessons, clinics and artist-residencies.

Geoff Shell Music  Logo

Geoff Shell Music Logo


I graduated from Berklee College of Music Magna Cum Laude in 2004 with a Bachelors of Music in Film Scoring. I studied film scoring with Sheldon Mirowitz, composition with Andrew List and the electric bass with Dave Buda and Joe Santerre. I got my professional start right after graduating when I was selected from a group of international candidates to compose and do sound design work on a trilogy of music education products published by Sibelius Software (Avid).

My music and audio credits span across concert music, film, commercials, theater and software. I got my start working as a composer & sound designer for the Groovy Music Series published by Sibelius Software (Avid). I'm currently working on a musical about the "Where's The Beef?" lady from the famous 1984 Wendy's commercial, Clara Peller, in collaboration with her daughter, Marlene Necheles.

If interested in any of my music or audio services, please contact me to discuss your project or collaboration. I look forward to speaking with you!