Geoff scored my feature film - “love. blood. kryptonite.” We were working with a low budget and Geoff was able to make it work and provided us with an awesome score. He is very organized and kept me very informed on his progress on the film score. He is very creative and is always open to suggestions and changes. He is a great composer.
— John Condne, Producer of Love. Blood. Kryptonite.
Geoff was hand picked from dozens of other potential applicants to join a small team of composers and sound designers for a major new music education software package. The high sonic quality of his music stood out from the beginning and we found him delightful to work with. He demonstrated the ability to deal with complex projects, instinctively organising his work into manageable segments and always delivering on time. On several occasions, he was able to suggest and/or create better musical or sound solutions than we at first specified, and we came to really trust his sonic judgement. Geoff is an exceptional talent and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
— Michael Avery, Creator of Groovy Music Series
The [Coasting] soundtrack by Geoff Shell is one of the best I’ve heard in a long while, with each musical cue meshing perfectly with the film’s scenes.
— Cary Conley, Rogue Cinema